Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adgitize Ads as a Contest Prizes?

Are you going to organize a contest ?  Or you are going to be the sponsor?  Still thinking about the prizes?
This is a good idea for the prizes, which many blogger will love it ! (I am one of them!) .

Adgitize Gift Certificate

Actually, I just logged in into my adgitize account (which I have not logged on for quite some time). I noticed that there are an option for gift certificate.

I'm like...  Wow! This is Really cool!

In fact there are three choices of Gift to be selected :

  1. 7 days Adgitize Gift Certificate of  $12

  2. 14 days  Adgitize Gift Certificate for $18

  3. 30 days Adgitize Certificate for $24!

Okay, I already gave you the idea! Do you like this idea?  :)   Tell me what you think :D
Adgitize  is a Blog Advertising Network that help bloggers to earn some pocket money and more traffic.. :)

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