Friday, May 15, 2009

Another local Contest By Shafie dot biz

I just joined another easy contest but this time its requires some creativity.

Contest Name: Contest!! Contest!! Contest!! Di Twitter
Organized by:
Contest Type: Twitter Contest
Due date : 15th May 2009
Language : Malay

How to join?

1. Follow shafie @ his twitter
2. Write a creative tweet at twitter promoting
3. Left a comment at by including the 'tweet' and your twitter URL.

If you too would like to join, hurry up! The date line is 15th May!
I tried my best for the 'tweet', let see If I can win this or not?

This is the tweet:

Join contest duit free,
shafie pulak baik hati,
dia buat contest ini, url diberi,
jom join jangan lengah lagi

I purposely put it like a poem to make it look interesting. Hopefully I can win!

Oh! BTW feel free to follow my twitter.

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