Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review and Win FREE Ebook on How to Make Money with Youtube

picture from Baloot's Blog

Baloot's Blog is going to give 10 Free Ebook for 10 Lucky participants. The ebook entitled:

"How to make money with Youtube"

This is just what I'm looking for. I already have some basic knowledge on how Youtube can be a very great Marketing and Make Money tools. This ebook hopefully will give me more insight on the Youtube Marketing based on the table of content given by the organizer.

The ebook covers:

* Chapter 1: You too can be a Youtube Star!
* Chapter 2: Marketing yourself through Youtube
* Chapter 3: Marketing your company on Youtube
* Chapter 4: Creating Youtube videos
* Chapter 5: Promoting and distributing your videos
* Chapter 6: Youtube - your new revenue stream
* Chapter 7: Other video-sharing sites and the future of Youtube

Yerps look interesting. I need that Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. I already have a few things to be promoted to others.If I'm going to buy this ebook , it will cost me about $27+ which more or less equals to RM80. Wow! My post here have that value of RM80 (if I'll win of course ^_^)

To enter this contest is quite easy:

1. Subscribe to baloots blog feeds
2. Make a review about the contest of at least 100 words
3. Put a link to contest page and also to baloots blog

This is the link to the contest page:

Since this is a lucky draw contest, each entry I believed will be counted as 1 entry. So If you have more blog, you can write more entry and increase the winning chances.

~The contest will ended soon 20 /8/2009~

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