Monday, October 19, 2009

10 Ipod Shuffles at Ad Excel I'm Different Contest

Hey guys and gals. This is another good new. Show that you are different and you can win a lot of prizes!
Adexcel a unique and DIFFERENT ads network are giving away special prizes for us to grab.

Okey , you maybe have some questions about what is so different about AdExcel ..  this is what they say

"AdExcel, the World's #1 Social Advertising Network is different in many ways. AdExcel ads have comments and ratings features – allowing internet users to leave their opinions on ads, products, services or companies."
And now they are having a contest..  called I'm Different Contest!

The prizes? 

10 iPod Shuffles to be given out – one per week for 11 weeks! * Just Be Different and Win!

Top 3 winners will also have their Personal Advertising Network exclusively designed by our in-house designer.
How to join? 

Write a simple slogan on “How AdExcel is different to you” in not more than 25 words.

Answer a simple question on “What makes you different” in not more than 25 words.

Take a photo/video of you with at least one friend at your city's most prominent landmark holding signages saying “I'm Different” and “

You can join AdExcel by completing the form below.. and then don't forget to join the contest.

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