Monday, November 23, 2009

Go Viral by Organizing Contest!

There is an article by RajaKamil regarding contest. It is a cool article. And fortunately this blog niche is also online contest. Which is are really nice niche if we develop this blog properly.

So how to go viral with contest?

This is the guide given by  Raja Kamil in his blog:

1. Post an entry to your blog. State there you are going to do a small contest. 
2. Set the rules as easy as it can be.
3. Make sure you put viral element in your contest such as,
    • tweet this sentence (which inlude the your contest url)
    • post this quote to blog
    • etc
4. State clearly what present you offer for a winner. I suggest, it is not a cash, unless it is so much

Hrm.. this seems a good lesson for us.

There are three interesting keyword there : 

  1. Small - I have seen a big contest which cancelled after a while. I made mistake when I always planning for grand contest. 
  2. Easy - Yerps the esiaer the better. From my experience organizing contest. Easy rules make it easy for  both parties, the participant and also the organizer.
  3. Viral Element - This is the key  to go viral! without this... 
About the prize, I like the idea of a non-cash ..  but cash also ok, but with reasonable price.. RM10 for a simple contest will be necessary

So what do you say about online contest? 

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