Friday, January 15, 2010

First Post in 2010

This is the first post for 2010

Soooo late...

But better late than never.

So what is the resolution regarding contest this year?

This year will be a very busy year. Look like there are not much contest can be joined due to time constraint. However simple contest will be a top priority!

For last year there are a lot of contest has been joined, such as top commentator contest , SEO contest, Lucky draw contest, review contest and simple copy and paste contest.

I am doing well in review contest and top commentator contest. But for lucky draw and SEO contest - the result has not been good. One is luck , the later one is require time and very competitive.

So for this year?  The contests to be joined mostly will be the simple contest.
Preference : review contest and copy and paste contest.

Good luck for your contest this year! :)

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