Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Embed Tweet Viral #Contest #Idea

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Have you heard about about embed tweet? If you are using twitter you surely aware of this new development on twitter.

With embed tweet your tweet can be embedded in a blog post. This is a really good feature in a viral contest. Viral contest is a good srategy for backlinking. Setting up embedded tweet viral contest is easy. An example of the contest instruction can be as simple as this :

  1.  Embed a tweet in a blog post . The url of the tweets are :(the url of the tweet)
  2.  After the tweets is embedded, check whether the link are working or not
  3.  Comment to this post with your post’s url
  4.  Contest ended on : (date and time)
  5.  Winner will be selected by lucky draw

What is the difference between embed tweet and normal copy and paste? Embed tweet look better! Better look attracts more participant to join or at least click at the links in the tweet.

To make an embed tweet, go to twitter's blackbirdpie

If you organize an embed tweet contest dont forget to tweet me @myonlinecontest

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