Saturday, February 19, 2011

Two Free Method To Promote Your Contest

Mr A is a new blogger, he plan to make a contest, he made a blog post about his contest, with quite reasonable prize, complete guides etc.  The objective of course is to promote his blog. Getting traffic and make money soon! Seems easy eh?

So Mr A run a contest but not many are participating, he got frustrated. Mr A forgot that, the contest also need promotion. But what kind of promotion, do he need to spend more money for advertising?

Okay MR. A, this is two Easy method to Promote Your Blog Contest.

First, FREE promo at any contest listing blog  

Dear Mr A,

There are many blog like this blog available. Their business? Contest Listing. You can contact them and tell them about your contest. Its a win-win situation. They need content. You need promotion.

Maybe you need to do some simple write up and send your write up to the owner. If your contest look good, your contest will be listed in the blog.

Second, let your participant promoting your contest

Now Mr A,

This is better. You can add some viral element in contest so that, your contest can go viral. About being viral, make it compulsory but easy for the participant, maybe a back link to your contest post, maybe tweeting your contest , or maybe through facebook LIKE. Or it can be tagging and many more option up to your creativity.

But please do not overburden the participant! 

Go Viral is good, you can see an example of going viral in this blog post. How to go viral? You can refer to this blog post by Rajakamil.

How Contest Will Make You Money

OK Now, MR. A, you can now safe money because of the 'free advertising'. Keep the money, or better yet add more prize or prepare the money for the next contest! Ah! Yes, since you save more, you are indirectly making more money.

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