Saturday, July 21, 2012

Eyriqazz VS Denaihati

Eyriqazz VS Denaihati OK? Eyriqazz vs denaihati is a Malaysia SEO Contest offering total prize more than RM1700. Cool Eh?

  1. Write a blog post with the keyword
  2. Register the blog post with eyriqazz 
  3. Rank Your Post and After 31st August the top 20 ranker will win some cash! 

SEO Tips : Write an optimized SEO Content. Example

1. Eyriqazz VS denaihati by Azrijohan
2. Eyriqazz VS denaihati by PutraMalam

This contest brought to you by Eyriqazz, visit here for detail @ Denaihati VS Eyriqazz

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