Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Online Contest Entry at Denaihati's blog

This post is to fullfil item 1 for my entry in an online contest by denaihati celebrating 6 months of his blog 'birthday'.

Q: Siapakah teman pertama di Blogroll?
A: Zul - Zul's Blog (This is my blog, wow! thank u so much denaihati )

Q: Apakah program online income no 9 di Online Income?
A: Earn more by directing users to signup with BidVertiser
(I already joined this, and the ads is running quite well in Zul's Blog)

Q: 3 Blog berbahasa Inggeris di About Me
A: Semuanya Contest, Semuanya Twitter & GoKuat.

Just for Info, you can visit Semuanya Contest for more contests.
I'm going to put my checklist for this contest later.

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