Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Online Contest: Top Commentator / Komen terbanyak

I joined another online contest for a while called Cabaran komen terbanyak Rkb by my friend RajaKamil. This is a Top Commentator Contest . The task is simple I just need to comment on the blog as much as I can and I have opportunities to win some easy money, Hopefully an ebook from RajaKamil.

The contest has been conducted for 4 weeks , 1 more weeks left for me, look like I have chance to win third place if I tried my best. The winner maybe wanmus or Yoji.

Hrm ... If I won third place I will be getting :

easy money RM20 (since I am a VIP member) + Rahsia USD50 Sehari Ebook. (USD50 A day Secret)

Since I alrady have the e-book, maybe RajaKamil will give me another ebook?

Let wait and see.

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