Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pertandingan SEO 2009

I joined an SEO Contest by Jombincang.com forums. Just joined last two days. The contest is to put a non-indexed site to first page of Google SERP for search keyword "Melayu Boleh."

I created my blog early this week. At first my blog is not yet indexed by Google. I just check it today it is already recognise by Google. The URL of the blog is http://www.melayuboleh-blog.blogspot.com/

Most of people already joined for one month. At the moment I am short of time. One month left for me. FYI, the keyword Melayu Boleh which carry a positive intention has been used for bad things. That is why I joined this contest. Plus I can test my SEO skill.

"Cleaning" back the melayu boleh keyword is a noble job. You can do it too by supporting me. Add my blog http://www.melayuboleh-blog.blogspot.com/ in your blogroll.

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