Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I won RM100 from Top Commentator Contest

Wow! I just won RM100 from a local Top Commentator Contest organized by denaihati.
Personally I never expect to win this online contest since I seldom online to give competitive challenges to other contestants.

I enjoy contests here since the topic of every post is quite interesting. It is not just about commenting and thrive to win. It is more to opinion sharing towards the issues.

There are a lot of good comments and opinion mostly from the winner. Telling the truth I enjoyed joining contests here. So much to share and so much to discuss. And so Much Money to Win.

Denaihati said that he plan to organize more contest with more money to win! Wow! I'll Join for sure. To the winner, I'll give you a good challenge next time.


The RM100 comes together with one months advertisement package at indocontest.com

I need to discuss with my wife regarding the advertisement. Which blog should be advertised there?


  1. Tahniah di atas kejayaan...bagusnya promosi blog yang ada adsense sebab Indocontest ni international blog.

  2. terima kasih bro, blog yang ada adsense ye.. tak terfikir pulak.. alright bro.. thanks for the advice

  3. Tahniah zuls...pas ni menang lagi!
    nice blog.. sharing about contest spesificly..

  4. terima kasih nur ilham, jomlah join sekali