Thursday, August 27, 2009

ECs giveaway Contest! Should I Sponsor or Should I join?

I was invited by cornyman to sponsor a contest which I originally looking forward to join. This is a big contest for those joining EntreCard Community. If you're net yet joining EC , you better do, its good for your blog traffic, and its FREE too.

To Join or to Sponsor? Seems easy but not that easy, I need to briefly list down the benefit of both.

If I join the contest
  1. The prizes are good : a lot of ECs and some Money to be won.

  2. More ECs = More Ads can be placed meaning more traffic, I can make EC giveaway etc..

  3. The thrill of waiting for the result is fun, thats why I am joining contests in the first place.

What If I Sponsor the contest?

  1. A lot of backlink to MyOnlineContest.

  2. Improve traffic to this blog at the mean time improving this blog income. As for now I got only $0.02 adsense money from this blog... LOL so sad :-(

  3. The sponsors is only $5. But now since I am buying domains as my online assets, my paypal money are dedicated for that. I need to topup my paypal.

Logically I should sponsor since it give me more benefit, but still this is the contest of I am looking forward to join. Sigh.. am I being selfish?

Haha.. No I am not ..

So now after briefly comparing all those benefit, I decide to sponsor this contest! I'll give the detail of the contest in another post. I am going to contact cornyman..

p/s by writing we can make decision.. its really true.. LOL

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