Sunday, August 30, 2009

Merdeka 2009 Campaign & Contest

Tomorrow, 31st August 2009 , Malaysia will be celebrating 52nd year of Independence Day or called Merdeka. The Merdeka Celebration this year is expected not to be as grand as last year. I believe due to the H1N1 and Ramadhan. However the Malaysia Internet Community are looking forward to celebrating Merdeka our own way.


I noticed there a few campaigns available for this Merdeka Celebration:

1) Twitter Merdeka
This is a campaign where Malaysian Tweeps will be adding #Merdeka in every tweet during #Merdeka Day. The target is to get the word #Merdeka in Twitter Trending Topic.

2) I love Malaysia Twibbon (Twitter Ribbon)
Still for tweeps, show that you love Malaysia by putting I love Malaysia "twibbon" into twitter avatar. This is the link

3) Kibar Bendera Malaysia di Blog
During this Merdeka festive, Malaysian Bloggers are encouraged to put the Malaysia Flag at their blog.

4) Blogging in Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language)
There are another campaign which is to blog in Bahasa Melayu. I just happened to see the banner of this campaign from Team Blogger.This blog is not joining. At first I plan to have Malay translation of each blog entry but I found out it will be time consuming. Its okay since I have another blog which is in Bahasa Melayu


There are a lot of contests available but I managed to join only three contests. If you would like to join contest feel free to search at Google with the Keyword.

"Merdeka 2009 Contest" or to be specific you can add the contest type such as Top commentator, Komen Terbanyak, twitter , I love Malaysia photography slogan etc. I am quite busy currently with my work , else I can help by listing it here.

These are the contest that I managed to join:

1) Merdeka Special Contest @ Denaihati
2) Merdeka Giveaway @ LittleMamaDiary
3) Twitter Contest @exabytes

I wish to celebrate Merdeka by joining more Merdeka related contests.

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