Saturday, August 1, 2009

A lot of contest , A little time to join

July 2009 without me joining actively in online contest. I joined one top commentator contest at but not giving so much focus on it. I also joined a Lucky Draw contest by zon artis. The contest is quite unique where I can increase the chance to win by collecting tickets. I collected more than 10 tickets already. Let see whether I have any luck in this.

As for the top commentator contest at denaihati's blog. I dont really have time to participate in the contest. Let other people grab the prize. As for top commentator contest at, its just ended at 12.00 midnight , look like I got second place (without any prize).

Today I visited another blog hujan-emas that also having a contest, the prize is quite high RM200 and got prize for second and third places. but it seems that the top three commentator gave a lot of comment already. I don,t think I will participate in the contest. maybe I just put some comment there for traffic purpose. hehe..

*Sigh*. A month where I just joined two contest. Any chance of winning ? lol.
If not winning also okey for me this time. I really busy with a lot of works.

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