Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Topotato get RM 100 at's Top Commentator Contest

The winner for top commentator contest at for June 2009 is announced. The RM100 goes to topotato.

Yesterday, I'm leading with 44 comments, but latest result shows that Topotato win with 63 comments.

Wow! very competitive.

However it is expected that topotato would win looking at the the rocketing commenting rate from him. As for me last night I'm at Tanjung Malim where the Internet connection is not very good.

Congratulation to topotato for winning the RM100.

There are changes in prize for July. No more cash price and it will be a prize with value more than RM50. There are also no prizes for second places.

Waiting for the July Prizes Announcement. Is it worth the effort?

Ohh.. not forget to give congratulation to for successfully concluded June Top Commentator Contests.

This is the link to the official result :

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