Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tired.. Just coming back from vacation

I'm really tired today, I am just coming back from vacation yesterday. Still not enough rest.

This is a few update on finished online contests.

Top Commentator contest at reezluv.com for July 2009
Second place ( no prize for me of course) , no Contest for August 2009

Weblog Popular 1Malaysia
MyOnlineContest get to the front page of google SERP for keyword "Weblog Popular 1Malaysia" for just one day last week, now its not even in second page for keyword "Weblog Popular 1Malaysia" . I don't really understand what is happening though. But it shows that this blog has potential to win.

Contest at zonartis.com

Zon artis contest is closed already and the winner is announced. I am not lucky enough in this Lucky Draw contest. However still have some hope since no one claimed the main prize. Hopefully there will be another draw soon.

Will it be me who win the digital camera? haha.. .

I am searching around the contest today. There are some contest that trigger my Interest! A review contest , a best comment contest and a few top commenter contests. I am still looking for contest that give paypal money.

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