Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Contest

This is a good contest which this blog must participate. The Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Contest is a contest where denaihati want to find a good Malaysian Weblog. So its only open for Malaysian. Its all about popularity.

Which Malaysian Weblog is the most suggested blog?

Which Malaysian Weblog is most referred for this contest?

Which Malaysian Weblog get 1-4 ranking in Google SERP

for "Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Keyword"?

So what is the chance of this blog to win any of those categories? Actually not much chances for this Weblog Popular 1Malysia contest. Going for Google SERP also is not that promising since this blog has Pagerank 0.

MyOnlineContest join this contest just for the sake to know how far can this blog go? At the same time to be known by the contest society. Denaihati have a good traffic , getting listed into the blog as participant will most likely boost the traffic for this blog.

In order to fullfill this contest requirement:


MyOnlineContest nominates the new contest blog http://contestmaniac.net/ as the popular blog. The reason will be explained in another post later.


MyOnlineContest knows about this contest from http://zulseffort.blogspot.com/

Thanks for the sponsors SAUDACARE and Anisha Online Mall for supporting this great Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Contest. You are awesome guys!

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