Thursday, September 17, 2009

Earning Money From Contest

Do you believe that we can make some money from contest? If you don't, BELIEVE IT!! Nowadays there are a lot of online contests and giveaways available. There are a lot of prizes offered including of course cash. Joining contests are surely fun, but winning cash prizes will add more fun and satisfaction. Some contest offers quite huge amount of cash prizes such as this Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Contest

Today I would like to share good news and proof that we can actually make money from contest, this is 2 recent contest results:

1) First place in a post review contest organized by local Internet marketer

USD30 + Free Webhosting

If you understand Bahasa Melayu (Malay) you can read the review here:

2) First Place For August Top Commentator Contest and Qualified to be paid for Special Merdeka Contest at denaihati's blog

RM50 + RM17.40 = RM 67.40

Ok! Ok! I know that the cash is not much but I get the money just by doing something fun.

If you like to join the fun, there are a lot of contest available in the net, we just need to search for it and dont forget to join. Feel free to tweet me the contest if you find any.@zulseffort

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