Sunday, September 6, 2009

Looking for contest? Follow my Twitter

Contest! Contest! Contest!

When I am free, I usually take some time to search for new contests , or even joining contests which is one of my favorite leisure time activity besides playing chess , reading, sleeping etc.

There are a lot of contests available on the net. Various online contest actually , top commentator contest, referral contest, sweepstakes, tweet and win , review contest and many more. I wont be joining all the contest for sure. Some contest like photo contest, and design contest does not suit me yet.

Yesterday came an idea in my mind. "Zuls why don't you just tell others about all the contests" - This is great.. sharing is caring! The more the merrier right?

I am not going to blog about it, blogging takes time. Twitter is the correct answer! So this maybe helpful for those who are connecting with me on twitter. As I am searching for contest, I can always tweet about it. Regardless of whether I am joining or not.

But there will be also something which will probably bother you. I am not going to create new twitter account just for announcing contest. I did tried to have multiple account before, but its not worth my time.

So beside contests tweet, there will be other tweets as well. That can be I am replying to my Malay friend in Malay language, sponsored tweet which I make some money from it, and my tweets which can be boring to you.

Anyway I have a counter measure for this. Except for Tweet and Win Contest, I can just put a label to the tweets! Right now I am planning to use #MyOnlineContest hashtag in my tweet. Or do you have any cool hashtag to use?

Do you like this idea? Will you connect with me in twitter?

p/s if you are following me, please send a mention/reply. I'll follow back!

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