Tuesday, September 8, 2009

EC 1 Million Free Traffic - First Weekly Contest

The participation for this contest will be ended end of 9th Sept 2009 (Tomorrow). Today I have some free time. So I will be joining this contest as participant. I am sponsoring EC 1 Million Contest too. Since this week is not my turn yet, I am eligible to join this contest.

Here are the first five sponsors who will give-away 4.000 ECs and 5$ until the end of 9th September (Malaysian time). The winners will be announced until 11th September.

Sponsor 1 - Kamila the Camel First 40 comments -75 EC + 2x 500 EC

Sponsor 2 - The Fitness Diva First 40 comments -75 EC + 2x 500 EC

Sponsor 3 - Work At Home First 40 comments -75 EC + 2x 500 EC

Sponsor 4 - A Little Boy's blog 5$

Sponsor 5 - EzGreatLife - Family, Fitness and Finances First 40 comments -75 EC + 2x 500 EC

I am quite tired tonight but still I will browsing through this link and trying to give good comments.

Link to Kamila the Camel's post
Link to A Little Boy's Blog post
Link to EZGreatLife - Family, Fitness and Finances post
Link to Work at Home
Link to The Fitness Diva

You want to join this too? Visit here first for the rules.

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