Friday, June 26, 2009

Top Commentator or Lucky Draw?

There are a lot of online contests nowadays. I wish to join all the contests, but off course time is limited.

I just missed quite a few contests, especially the easier contest. My preference look alike towards top commentator contests compared to other contests. Which is not very effective for me. I start to think about the chances of winning an online contests and the tactics to get the prizes.

Taking two extreme conditions, top commentator contests vs Some Simple Lucky Draw Contests.

To win top commentator contests is very depended on the effort while "some simple lucky draw contests" depends on probability. One you can fight to win which requires a lot of effort depends on your competitor, the other one is easy to enter and requires near to no effort at all.

My plan is to join the lucky draw contests as much as possible to increase chances of winning and focusing in one or two online contests depending on the niche and prizes. Maybe this weekend I can start searching for suitable contests.

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