Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weblog Popular 1Malaysia - ContestManiac.Net

The weblog popular 1Malaysia online contest which organized by denaihati, is now start to be competitive. The participant is now aggressively promoting their blog to be nominated or being a referral for the contest. Some blogger are doing giveaways in to attract so that other blogger will nominate them as the Weblog Popular 1Malaysia or as the referral for Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest. Looking at the competitiveness of the contest, I think this is also a correct time for me to join the fun. Not by joining the contests, but by organizing this type of "in Conjunction" contest or should I called "Contest in Contest".

I just contacted my friend , the ContestManiac.Net admin to work together to grab weblog Popular 1Malaysia Prizes. Doing this alone must be very hard, I am very busy lately. Coincidentally he is also super duper busy right now and the unlucky part is he has been not feeling well for more than one week. Poor him. Luckily its not H1N1.
Contestmaniac.Net is the blog that I nominated for the Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest. The reason why I choose that blog is because of the potential that the blog has. I do have some chit-chat with him about his blog concept and I found out that the concept is quite nice. The target audiences are already specified. Its not just a Blog for contest listing without any niche. Furthermore the admin also quite experienced in organizing contest. Now the blog left not updated for quite some time due to busy schedule.

So how can I win this contest? Still thinking.. Hopefully I get the idea. I already have some in my head right now, just need to make it more organized. When I am thinking back, yeah its not a big deal, at first I only join this Weblog Popular 1Malaysia contest for getting traffic. Now I make quite a good progress in Google SERP for keyword " Weblog Popular 1Malaysia", its boost my confidence to grab one of the prizes in this contest. I must find a simple solution.

For fellow Malaysian who want to join this contest. Feel free to put this blog as the referral. Thank you so much.

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