Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Contest Progress

This post is just to share this weblog progress in Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Contest. For this contest, this weblog has been at top 4 in the Google SERP for keyword "Weblog Popular 1Malaysia" for quite some time. The position now dropped suddenly mostly because of two factors:

a) I am optimizing the blog for SEO purpose, so Google will take some time to change the title of this post about "Weblog Popular 1Malaysia" . Originally the title for each post start with My Online Contest, but now it started with the topic first followed by the blog name like this: "Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Contest Progress ~ My Online Contest"

b) Aggressive campaign by other participants. Look like most of the participant are taking last minute measures. One of the participant , Precious now taking part with more blogs, one of the blog have a good ranking in Google SERP for the keyword. Having more blog can be quite helpful to win this weblog popularity contest. She also organizing a giveaway to as a way to win this contest. MomsBloggerPlanet (MBP) take more aggressive actions. Those nominating MBP will be given 500 points which can be change with some product at MBP.

My Approach

If you read this post entitled Weblog Popular 1Malaysia -, I originally plan to win the weblog popularity contest by organizing a contest with but it cannot be proceed yet.

If I want to do it myself, it sure take a lot of my time which already allocated for my other commitments - "Raya" Preparation, Part Time Business, and also commitment at workplace .

My strategy is simple actually, since I at first wont be competing for the Referral and The Most Popular Weblog category, I will be focusing more to be the top 4 of the keyword Weblog Popular 1Malaysia. How to do it? SEO of course. Effectiveness ? I'll be doing this during free time, which is limited. Let see how far can this blog go.

Hrm.. wait!! I MAYBE will organize contest if after Raya I have time to be more focus. But there is no promise yet!

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