Friday, October 2, 2009

Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Domain Name Giveaway

I am giving away  these  .info domain name in for 2 lucky participants. If you dont have the Godaddy account you, do register. It is free.

These are the domain:
http:// infotwi****. info
http:// itsmichae***** .info

Participating in this giveaway are very simple.

You must have at least one blog of at least two weeks old with more than 5 entries.

1. Simply Copy and Paste the following sentence in a blog post with title Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Giveaway or anything similar to that :

" Two dot info domain to win at MyOnlineContest. The Admin @zulseffort also like to join online Contests. He is also currently competing in Weblog Popular 1Malaysia Contest."
 2. Write down the url of the post in the comment section below.

This giveaway will be ended on 31st October 2009.

The result will be announced before 7th November 2009 (in case I'm super busy or having internet problem that time).

The winner will be selected through

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